Alelion Energy Systems AB: Alelion Energy Systems (publ) is making management changes for greater focus on customers and market

Lisa Eriksson, currently quality and supplier manager will have the overall responsibility for Quality and Human Resources and with this new post become a member of the senior management team. Lisa will report to the company’s acting CEO, Åsa Nordström.

Fredrik Lüsch will manage the new department Production and Product Development. The organisational changes will take place immediately. Fredrik Sööder, Development Manager since 2014, is leaving Alelion.

-Fredrik has been with us over a long and very eventful period and played an important role when we were making our name as a supplier in the industrial truck segment, says Åsa Nordström. The changes that have occurred in the market over recent years however mean that we must increase our efforts to reach customers in new areas. That is one of the reasons we are making changes to our senior management team.

Alelion Energy Systems has been developing battery systems based on lithium-ion technology since 2006 and initially concentrated on becoming established as a supplier of battery systems to major global industrial truck manufacturers such as Toyota Material Handling and Jungheihrich. As battery technology matured and more manufacturers entered the market basic lithium-ion batteries for industrial trucks became a more standard and volume product. This development led to the major truck manufacturers starting their own battery production through in-sourcing and competing with their own suppliers, among them Alelion with considerable pricing pressure as a result.

To take better advantage of the opportunities offered by the market for lithium-ion technology, Alelion has over the past year initiated a strategic overview and begun looking closely at the segment industrial special vehicles where more complex high tension batteries are required. This segment covering for instance terminal trucks, aircraft bearers and container vehicles, is rapidly and comprehensively turning to electrification to meet heightened environmental demands regarding particles, noise and carbon dioxide.

In order to maintain the advantages of volume and scale Alelion will continue to produce truck batteries for the material handling aftermarket, a market that is growing as more and more truck operators want to change from traditional lead acid batteries to lithium-ion batteries for reasons of both efficiency and environment. This market is reached through independent distributors or partners that today offer customers products, service and also trucks. Over the past year Alelion has signed important contracts for supply of truck batteries to the aftermarket in both Asia and the Middle East, markets where we will continue to expand. For more information, please contact:

Åsa Nordström

Phone: +46 702-901858

e-mail: asa.nordstrom@alelion.com


Alelion Energy Systems AB is a leading manufacturer of industrial energy storage systems based on lithium-ion technology. A battery with lithium-ion is more energy efficient, lighter, has longer lifespan and also contributes to considerably lower environmental impact.

In step with the growth of climate threat and the increasingly urgent need to convert to more sustainable energy systems and more sustainable use of energy, a greater and greater number of sectors have begun to explore the possibilities offered by lithium-ion technology and this is opening up new markets and segments for Alelion.

Through the development of smart software based control systems new business opportunities have evolved linked to lithium-ion technology in the energy management area, where Alelion offers solutions.

In 2019 Alelion completed Sweden’s first factory for large-scale production of lithium-ion batteries for industrial vehicles. This factory is highly automated and is located in the centre of the vehicle industry cluster on Hising Island in Gothenburg.

You can find more information at www.alelion.com

Alelion’s major owners are Fouriertransform and Pegroco Holding. Alelion is traded on Nasdaq First North Market with G&W Fondkommission as Certified Adviser, e-mail: ca@gwkapital.se,phone: +46 8-503 000 50.