Divio Technologies supports fight against COVID-19 through new open-source information-sharing tool

As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread globally, local governments are under increasing pressure to coordinate their resources for an effective response. 

A Swiss canton, one of the local government regions of Switzerland, requested urgent help to build a tool that could collect frequent status updates from frontline responders – primarily the police, hospitals, testing centres and other emergency services. The information would be centralised and made available to visualise the current status and availability of resources.

The canton’s officials contacted a Divio partner – the Zurich-based growth hacking and development agency ”what.” – with the request to design, develop and launch this functionality in under a week. Divio contributed engineering and cloud expertise to help what. (https://what.digital/) develop and deploy the CoReport service.

”The COVID-19 virus is having a huge impact on all our lives, in many different ways. We are honoured to support the project and contribute to the incredible efforts of governments and emergency services. I am especially proud of how our teams have come together to deliver a production-ready service in under a week.”

Jon Levin – CEO, Divio Technologies

CoReport is an open-source project that can be freely used and modified. It is also available via the Divio platform. 

Divio will sponsor and support any local government with a fully hosted and managed CoReport instance. You can reach us at letstalk@divio.com

The source code and documentation for CoReport are available in the public Gitlab repository: